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there's nothing we can do about that. all day long regular people doing what they could to make sure to minimize the damage. >> we have trees out here that need to come down. they're going to either hit my house or the neighbor's house. >> gary is worried that two 70-foot trees could be a problem with the round of storms headed to the area, pg&e seems to agree. crews cut some of the branches to minimize the risk of them bringing down power lines. there are 400 vegetation crews like this one working northern california right now. plus 400 other first responders and repair crews ready to go. plus 1200 customer service reps ready for whatever the weather will bring. >> we will try to minimize the impact. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is ready, too. >> we're always ready. we're expecting lots of crashes. >> if you crash, drive off the freeway, if you can, if you
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can't, stay in the car with your seat belt on. the best edadvice is to be safen the first place. slow down and pay attention. >> put your phones away. no texting and driving. no talking on the cell phone. >> reporter: we found drivers getting ready for the rain before a single drop fell, changing out windchill wipers. >> leaving a little early because i know there's going to be more craziness on the road than usual. >> now if you come across a downed power line in the roadway, pg&e says assume it's a live wire and therefore dangerous. call in a professional. if you lose power at your home, you can report it. the outage line is 1-800-pgh-5002. you can follow them on twitter. if you hit standing water, don't hit the brakes. hold onto the steering wheel and let up on the gas.
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>> 1-800-pge-5002. a lot of people will be using that number. let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd. we say this all the time, but most of us don't do it. preparation is key. what's happening in the east bay? >> if you live in or around pleasant hill f you're not prepared for the storm, you have no excuse. there are sandbag stations like this throughout the city. this one is on civic drive. so the bottom line is if you're not prepared for the storm, you should be. the sign is up in downtown walnut crease ace hardware. it reads the storm is coming. but are people prepared? >> i talked to a guy this morning who butt a sump pump. he was fine with a sump pump. it wasn't because of the storm. but the people i've been talking to are not aware of it, which is amazing. so they're not watching the news. >> people who live in marin
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county are watching something. folks are filling up and taking home sandbags. down thoun business owners who were flooded out several years ago are ready for several days of wet and miserable weather. >> i'm going to suit up before i go home. so the water doesn't get in my suit. >> some people are worried water will get into their home. eliot and eliot roofing company out of oakland is working overtime. for them stormy weather means business. >> we haven't had business like this in a long time. people have been waiting around a few years. now people are calling to get the roofs tarped or service or cleaned. if you are having leaks, make sure the gutters are clean, the down spouts are clean. that should be a good start. >> so i've been talking to my facebook friends, asking them if they are prepared, and many of them know the seriousness of this storm, but one facebook friend told me that he is
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prepared to go skiing. reporting live in pleasant hill. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> avoidance is one way to prepare. for more on the timing, we bring in jeff ranieri. you're really saying the concentrated areas and times will be in the morning? >> yeah, that's right. the next two storm systems, we're not looking at widespread flooding here, but there will be some zones. we're more concentrated and concerned than others. let's take a look right now. satellite and radar has dry conditions at the current moment. you will find the core of the storm system in the strongest rain. we have 18 hours to go before we are expecting the heaviest rain to arrive. tonight a few showers offshore. nothing major. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, as we keep telling you, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, winds will
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pick up. we've also been mentioning the rainfall totals and how much we will get. here's what we want you to focus in on. if you live in the north bay, you're in a high risk of flood elevation. two to five inches of water expected. that's what computer estimates are at at the current moment. in the south and east bay, an inch to two and a half inches. so definitely not as bad for you. nonetheless, still a lot of water if you have not cleaned out the gutters a storm drains aren't properly cleaned as well. it could definitely create street flooding. our largest concern when it comes to river flooding. current level 5.55 feet. forecast to crest on friday. 21.6 feet. an over 15 foot rise expected on the river. action stage is 29 feet, where they will start to take serious preparations. we're not too far away from that as we head into friday.
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a high wind warning. we'll time line when the worst winds will arrive coming up throughout the show. there's a lot to talk about with this, and we're going to break it down for you. >> we invite you to stay with nbc bay area news for continuing storm watch coverage. we'll have updates starting tomorrow at 4:30 in the morning. you can get the latest on what's happening. you can also find the complete weather coverage on and jeff will be back later in the show as well. we have breaking news. our nbc chopper at uc berkeley where protesters have occupied a building which is scheduled to be demolished. it's right on the cal campus. the building will reportedly be demolished because it's not safe. so far we're told a protest has been peaceful. we'll continue to update as we get more information into the
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newsroom. more people for more places are joining a growing lawsuit against chevron. it's connected to the fire in august. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in oakland. this lawsuit has 5,000 names attached to it. where are these people from? >> reporter: mostly from the east bay, raj. and i'm told that it's just the tip of the iceberg. 4,872 residents are now suing chevron, and we are told that number is expected to easily double. attorneys for both chevron and the residents are now gearing up for an intense legal battle. she says she hasn't felt the same since the richmond refinery fire sent black smoke and fumes into the air back in august. >> i just couldn't breathe and chest pains. i wound up going to emergency
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flee d, three days in a row, actually. >> now thousands like reid are taking lead action. civil rights attorney john buress filed a massive lawsuit against chevron on behalf of 5,000 complaints. and he says it's just the start. we anticipate that we'll have another 5,000 or 6,000 that will file in the near future. >> the lawsuit is designed, one to they would them accountable for what they did. to have them acknowledge their misdeeds and not engage in coverup and to fully compensate the individuals who have been damaged financially by this. >> chevron says it set up a claims process, including help centers to compensate victims. they call the lawsuit unnecessary and pledge to fight it vigorously. reid says chevron offered to pay
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her $500, but shed to join others in the legal action instead. she says she wants chevron to make changes. >> i think it would minimize and cut down a lot of fires. and also to have regular checks. so this can be prevented. zbl now john says he's not sure how much money they will be seeking but he expects it to be quite a bit more than what chevron has been offering folks. chevron has declined to reveal how much money it's paid out to folk who is file claims with them. now a 15-year-old from san jose will be eligible for the death penalty. it habit yet decided whether to seek putting him on death row. he is due in court tomorrow on a
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list of charges including murder, robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. he and a 26-year-old man robbed four businesses earlier this month and shot a campbell man as they were trying to car jack him. they shot and wounded a san jose police officer. the man who fired the shot is still at large. luckily the officer wasn't hurt and doesn't know if he wounded the suspected. investigators say he pulled over a tan 1996 honda. the car was later found nearby and turned out to be a stolen vehicle. >> it's a bizarre crime. two men pointing a gun. those men have been arrested now. both of oakland. they were taken into custody last night.
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cell phone video seen right here shows that when the incident started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the two men were driving erratically on high street in oakland. a couple in another car started recording them to report to police. the men noticed this and then tried to get the phone, but were unsuccessful. they then shot several times into the victim's car, hitting it but not injurying anyone. the couple called 911. >> when oakland police officers were able to view the video tootage that the victim had on the cell phone one of the officers immediately recognized the individual armed with the gun and pointed that at our victims. immediately he put that information out to the patrol officers along with a description of the vehicle. >> the story continues. an officer recognized the car a short time later. the car was found and the men were arrested.
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also, apple says get lost. what led the company to fire another executive today. i'm scott budman with a unique time piece guaranteed to inspire engineers and teach us all a little bit about climate change. you'll be among the first in the world to see it in action coming up. and a school bus on fire in the southbay trapping a disabled girl. how the bus driver came to her rescue. back in a moment. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is!
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a san jose bus driver is being called a hero tonight. she saved the life of a disabled student on a burning school bus. this is what is left of that charred bus. take a look. the fire sparked in the engine as it was about to leave the middle school in san jose this morning. when bus driver wilma saw the smoke, she immediately went to
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the back of the bus where one student in a wheelchair was sitting. she fried to lower the wheelchair ramp but could not. she then made the decision to carry the 95 pound student off the bus to safety. >> i'm very happy with her actions. as i said before, she reacted the way that she's trained. but it's always good to see that the training has paid off with action. and she certainly showed that today. >> the bus driver and the student are both fine. the district says it will look at what sparked the fire. a spokesperson said the bus had a problem-free mechanical history until today. well, a lunchtime jewelry store heist in one of the bay area's most exclusive cities was caught on tape. it happened today in los gatos. these are survey listens photos of the robbery in progress. two men carrying semiautomatic handguns walked into the jewelry store. they held up a store employee at
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gunpoint and made off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry. if you know anything in connection with the crime, call police. >> apple pushing at more than new products these days. another top level executive is pushed out of the building. we want to bring in scott budman for the latest on this. >> this also has to do with apple's struggle with the macapp. the head of the mobile software last month. today we learn of another, richard williamson also from the math department. this while apple says it's working to improve that mac product and announcing the available of the newest desk top computer that will be on sale on friday. more details about what looks to be the next ipo. solar city saying it's pricing shares between $13 and $15 each. expected to raise a shade above $150 million. solar city was cofounded by the tefla chief. the struggling tech giant
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accusing the company of inflating the value. hp will take legal action, quote, at the appropriate time, unquote. if this makes you want to go shopping, you're not alone. paypal about 90 minutes ago out with cyber monday stats. mobile shopping is up 200% from this time next year. >> thanks, scott, fso has to give back $2.1 million in stimulus funds because the airport used the money inimpromerly. the work done in 2010. but now the department of transportation says the money was spent on unauthorized construction. it's unclear exactly how the money was used, but it's the second time in two years the airport has been found misusing federal money. it's becoming one of the
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most noticeable in the world. it's going the other way. the amgen tour of california. the 750 mile race will start down south in escondido on may 12th and end eight days later in the bay area in santa rosa. the rout will take riders on top of mount diablo instead of half way. san jose will host a time trial. livermore with a last-minute edition after a community there stepped forward to help the city pay expenses. >> we want to check back in with jeff ranieri. we're going to start to see that in the morning. >> that's roigt. we'll see things ramp up quickly. tonight is the best time to do it. as we head throughout tomorrow morning and get the kids off to school, yourself out to work. we are looking at the first round of heavy rain in a series of storms.
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we have a flood watch in the central valleys. we head throughout the next couple of days. also expect heavy rainfall there. not only rain here for the bay area but as we've also been highlighting strong and gusty with the first storm system. from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the strong southerly wind gusts 30 to 50 in the bay area. the most vulnerable will be the immediate coastline. if you had any plans to head out there tomorrow, i would definitely postpone it. this is not the kind of weather you want to start doing sightseeing or fake a dip in the water. temperatures in the mid 50s. let's take you outside to the live hd sky camera network. a beautiful night tonight. down in the south bay the city lights reflecting off the cloud cover. there's a purple haze across the valley tonight. a lot of traffic as well where the white streak is on the the left side of your screen. emeryville is heavy as normal.
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you can only imagine what this will look like tomorrow morning on the commute. i'm sure there's a lot of folks that if they could do tell commuting, do work home in the morning hours. probably going to take advantage of that. let's get you into the storm. so for tonight mainly widespread cloud cover at 11:00 p.m. a few showers offshore. we won't see the heaviest zone arrive until 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 in the morning. you can see the orange and yellows popping up on the map. that's where the intense rainfall will start off at 7:00 a.m. maybe a few imbedded thunderstorms. we'll be under the rainfall for four hours. it starts to exit quickly by 11:00 a.m. on wednesday. then we have a brief break before the next storm system arrives. tonight 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's typical for the bay area. watch as the colors ignite at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00. we get magenta and pinks showing
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up. that's widespread potential. wind gusts of 15 miles per hour. that can produce power outages. the wind starts to die down on winz. overall what to expect with flood concerns. my biggest concern will be the north bay where the rivers could rise an estimated 15 feet. we'll also have to watch out for the local cream creeks and streams. we'll have more on the incoming storms and when each one of them arrives in the seven day forecast a little bit later in the show. >> still ahead at 6:00, the bay area counties with the hiest breast cancer rates. there's a new study out. taking a stand. female soldiers file a lawsuit here in the bay area. we'll explain their fight with the pentagon. and will it stay or will it go? the local environmental battle stretching all the way to d.c.
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an oyster company will learn the fate by the end of the week.
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they face closure by the national park service. >> but as joe rosato jr. shows us the decision will mark the end of a long battle. >> reporter: in many ways this looks like it did when explorer sir francis drake showed up in the 1500s. the one thing drake wouldn't recognize is this business. >> this is the drake oyster farm. it's been a 100 year tradition. >> eight years ago he purchased this oyster farm from a neighbor. >> we produced millions of oisers every year. just over 40% of oysters come from the farm. >> back in 1976 congress passed the wilderness act with the intention of restoring it to the original state. the oyster operation was granted a 40-year lease. the lease expires the end of this week. >> we've always expected and
6:25 pm
hoped that would be honor by the park service and renewed this year. >> seven years ago lenny was informed the park service had no intention of renewing the lease. debates have raged ever since. >> we just want to be farmers. this has turned into a national debate. >> reporter: some environmental groups say the oyster farm is the one thing standing in the way of the estuary's restoration. >> it's disturbance to harbor seals. disturbance to birds and other wildlife that use the area. >> this decision is significantly important for conservation nationally. congress left the farm to interior secretary tim salazar who toured last week. he plans to announce the decision to extend the lease or
6:26 pm
let it expire by the end of the week. >> this is the only oyster farm on the seashore. it's important for 50,000 visitors a year. >> lenny says they would never do anything to harm the estuary. after seven years of fighting for his future, he hopes his future will reveal a pearl of good news. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> we should have a decision by friday. still ahead at 6:00, grading city government. the first of its kind report regarding lgbt discrimination. and tonight concern over when it might stop working. and fighting in the south bay. the new group holding landlords accountable. we're back in a moment.
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the super isn't so super. there are now solutions for a
6:29 pm
south bay neighborhood. a new alliance is helping people fight lousy landlords. >> marianne favro shows us how it's working in this story. >> reporter: this is 130 apartment complexes packed into a few acres. and this is what you'll find here, a broken down rv, ripped apart and left for months, garbage piling high, exposed wires. this is landlord owns several units here. she's tired of other landlords ignoring the blithe. >> graffiti, overflowing dumpster, and you know, trash all over. >> so she turned to the responsible landlords engagement initiative for help. the neighborhood housing services of silicon valley working together to address problems brought to them by both ten nantds and other landlords. they start by contacting the landlords directly, and if that
6:30 pm
doesn't work -- >> the first thing we attempt to do is set up a meeting with the council member that represents that district in san jose. and bring o bring that council member to a meeting along with the san jose police department, representative from the fire department. >> the initiative has been actively following up on complains since january. we want to do our part to ensure issues such as rodent or vermin infestations, structural deficiencies are addressed so residents paying rent have a safe, clean, habital place to call home. >> right now they're working on getting this landlord to fix this window, repair screens and fix graffiti. mounds of trash are now gone. visible progress, but organizers
6:31 pm
admit they still have a long way to go. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a fourth young woman came forward saying she was sexually abused by a teacher back in if 1990s. so far only the assistant uc swim coach has put her name in publish filing the first claim against the school district, alleging she was abused by middle schoolteacher who has since committed suicide. all of the women say the district failed to protect them and prevent the abuse. the school board continues to express regret. >> four women service members are challenging the military ban on females serving in ground combat units. they say women have been serving in combat for years. they joined the women in filing the lawsuit in san francisco today. they say the policy unfairly
6:32 pm
blocks them from promotions and entire careers open to men. skbl i've even encountered people who question the authenticity of my story because they were under the misconception there are no women serving in combat. the training and deployments have been physically and mentally challenging. whether survival training in the woods or being shot down in afghanistan and engaging the enemy on the ground, my gender has never kept me from serving. >> the modern battlefield means there's no front lines and there's no safe areas. every time a woman or any service member steps foot into iraq or afghanistan, they are serving in a combat zone. >> the pentagon says nearly 150 servicewomen have been killed and more than 800 wounded in irk and afghanistans since the wars began. san francisco is one of four california cities to get a perfect score in a new survey.
6:33 pm
they ranked the city governments for their efforts to protect their ploys and citizen who is are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. san francisco, l.a., long beach and san diego all scored 100. san jose scored 85. oakland, 80. here tr the numbers there. some cities including alabama and kentucky scored zeros. it's looming. the so called fiscal cliff is getting closer and apparently no movement in congress to avoid it so far. the impasse is over raising tax rates on upper bracket income earners. republicans say they're willing to consider a tax hike but they want larger cuts made to benefit programs. the small business leaders came to avoid the cliff and tax hike on the middle class. on friday he's off to
6:34 pm
philadelphia where he will make a public case for his strategy and two gop leaders. >> rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he's back on the campaign trail. >> the election was conclusive in terms of which path the majority of the american people want to take. >> house republicans are also planning to hold events in the coming weeks with small business owners to highlight the effects the tax increase could have on them and their likelihood. how does the fiscal cliff impact california? larry, a lot of talk on how it will impact high earners. a lot of middle income class folks could feel it as well. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, we're going to suffer as much as anyone else. that in itself is a distressing combination. of 2 million jobs lost
6:35 pm
nationwide, expected to be lost because of reduced government spending, 230,000 will disappear here. that breaks down to 135,000 in defense and 95,000 in other nondefense sections. in fact, the state will lose $11 billion in income during the first year alone. >> wow. so you've got employment issues, but what about other subsidies that we might lieu? >> and there are a lot. those in the greatest need of course will suffer the most. it's expected at least 500,000 californians will immediately lose extended unemployment benefits. education tax credits and other credits for low income families. also, federal aid education, agriculture subsidies will be reduced if not eliminated, at least for the time being. between higher taxes and dramatic reductions, everyone, i mean everyone will fall over
6:36 pm
that fiscal cliff. >> you have two camps out there. some are saying let's push it to the end and don't move. other people are fearful that we will go over the cliff. so are we going to have an agreement? >> it's more clear than ever that both sides get it. i mean they understand the severity of the problem. it's equally clear near side wants to give more than they have to. they are likely the to reach an agreement, but not before the last possible moment. expect brinkmanship like you've never seen it before. >> that sounds menacing. i'm sure we're going to be talking about this cliff a lot more. president obama wants to nominate un ambassador susan rice for secretary of state. that's the takeaway from a highly anticipated meeting between rice and john mccain and lind sai gram.
6:37 pm
they're concerned the stanford grad misled the country. the white house says rice was not responsible for the talking points she used on the sunday news shows following the attack. the focus on her is all about washington politics. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn't get, concerning evidence that was overwhelming leading up to the attack. people are more interested in talking points for a sunday show several months ago than they are finding out what happened in benghazi. >> once again, ambassador rice is considered as a possible contender for secretary of state, a position that would require senate confirmation. two senate republicans have proposed their version of the dream act bill, called the achieve act. like the original dream act, this would provide thousands of young imglants with the chance for legal status in the united states.
6:38 pm
they say this is not a path to citizenship and when applying for a green card they need to go through the same as noncitizens. one level for students good for up to six years. the second is a work visa good for four years and a permanent visa to be renewed every five years. the remains of yasser arafat are being reburied after his body was exhumed to determine if he was poisoned. he died in 2004 after suddenly becoming ill. reports said he died from a brain hemorrhage. today forensic experts took tampls from his remains. still ahead at 6:00, the study linking women's breast cancer risk to where they live in the bay area. the active way to tell time.
6:39 pm
>> and good evening. we're in the weather center tracking the storm. that's right. plural here throughout the next couple of days. four of them off shore. here are a few highlights throughout the next four to five day period. winds over 50 miles per hour. i'll break it down for you coming up.
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6:41 pm
historically breast cancer rates in marin county have been reported higher than the rest of the state. now new research shows cancer rates are on the rise across the sbi bay area. they found birth cancer rates were 10% to 20% higher than the
6:42 pm
state average. those numbers from 2000 to 2008. it's long been known that breast cancer risk factors include behaviors that tend to be among higher income women. taking certain replacements or having no or fewer children and later in life. but it's a correlation, not a cause. although effective at the start, new research finds the whooping cough vaccine wears off over time. the 2010 whooping cough outbreak sickened 9,000 people, killing ten infants. it prompted a closer look to the effectiveness. it loses power over the years, leaving children 7 to 10 more susceptible. 30,000 whooping cough cases have been reported this year in the united states. >> most of the time they will ask you to take a booster shot. let's bring in jeff.
6:43 pm
i'm preparing. >> this is good. it's going to be wet and windy. also an umbrella alert. you don't want to pay $10 on the corner. get one now. we'll detail the time line on the wind and rain and when each of these will come in. and we're in the comcast sports net studio. alden smith has a chip on his shoulder. literally. plus, a familiar figure emerges, and he wants to lead the cal bears back to bowl game glory. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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it's pretty interesting. it's part clock and part mechanical marvel. it made its debut in san jose today. >> it will make your jaw drop. scott gives you the first look. >> if technology could ever merge with poetry, you might get something like this. the climate clock, a big machine with a big agenda. >> this is the perfect combination of art, science, technology, and it's also a
6:46 pm
commentary on climate change. this is the maiden voyage of the mini climate clock. the goal, says the artist, is to create a 75-foot tall version, giving san jose a new interactive landmark. >> it's also a beautiful thing. the town clock in prague. it's something people will want to go into. >> reporter: the process includes steel, aluminum, bronze and electric motors. it was a design competition asking artists to create a model functional. this took first place. the big version could cost up to $20 million to complete. >> we're interested in finding partners involved in issues of solving climate change, companies that do scientific measurements. >> raising money and awareness click by click.
6:47 pm
scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. we have the flashlights ready to go. the sandbags ready to go. we are brave. >> bring in the patio furniture. not everyone is going to get flooding rains and winds. he'll highlight u who could have the worst. doppler radar right now is dry. 250 mile radius. but the really huge thing as we head throughout the morning will not only be the wet weather we're used to but winds that could top 50 miles an hour. high wind warning for the entire coastline. that's where we're the most vulnerable to the winds that could top 50 miles an hour. let's also take you outside tonight on this tuesday evening. we do have haze in san jose. the reflection is creating a
6:48 pm
nice beautiful image with the colors mixed in. we'll bring you up to san francisco and the peninsula. san francisco under the high wind warning for tomorrow morning. from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. that will be shaking around a lot more at 4:30 with christina loren who will be tracking that in the morning. we have cloud cover, widespread. no heavy rainfall is expected in the late evening. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, 6:00 and 7:00, the cold front boundary will line up across the north bay. 7:00 a.m. in the north bay. then gradually shifting off to the south bay throughout 11:00 a.m. so 7:00 to 11:00 a.m., the heaviest rain for wednesday. then we undergo a brief break throughout the evening hours. not too much in terms of widespread heavy rain. as we head throughout thursday we will find it in the late
6:49 pm
morning and early afternoon hours. it's going to move so extremely slow by 11:00 p.m. on thursday and the early morning hours of friday you may still not have rainfall from the second storm in the east bay or south bay. you may not get hit with the second round of rain until friday morning. so wednesday and friday morning, those will be the worst times on the bay area road. in terms of our winds with our first storm on wednesday, we really want to hit this hard. because as we head throughout the next 24 hours it's going to be increase. tonight, 15 to 25 miles per hour. not so bad. but look at this. the picks and magentas start to blow up throughout the morning hours with winds that could top 50 miles per hour. that may take down some trues and produce power outages. throughout the afternoon the winds will start to relax as the storm system moves east. the heaviest rain and wind on wednesday will be in the
6:50 pm
morning. overall rainfall totals are unreal. when you look to the north bay, this is the strongest series of storms since about string of 2010. you can see anywhere from three to potentially five inches of rain in the north bay. we are looking at the rivers potentially rising anywhere from 10 to 15 feet. it's not going to put it at flood stage right now. but we'll get close to action stage, which is 29 feet. so north bay, those of you who live out there. keep a close eye on the creeks, rivers and stream ls. temperatures in the low 60s throughout wednesday. where wre should be for this time of year. we have a storm on wednesday. chance of thunderstorms on thursday. then a second round of heavier rain on friday. so that's why again we teep telling you about power outages. with two strong storms in three
6:51 pm
days, we've had weaker systems that have produced hundreds of power outages. it's something to be mindful of. more rainfall throughout the upcoming weekend. >> a lot of rain in the forecast. >> yeah, there is. >> let's bring in dave from comcast sports newsroom room. can't you text coach harbaugh and say who the quarterback is going to be? don't you have that? >> i have. he text me back and said if i told anybody he would kill me. he's bigger than me. he's stronger than me. he could catch me. so i'm not going to tell anybody. but call me after the air. i'll tell you privately. in the year 2018 you'll likely be seeing see through phones so you can walk and text. and taking bart to san jose. 49ers locked up their line jk
6:52 pm
backer to $45 million. worse than first reported. a day after we learn that kyle williams is done for the season with a torn acl the bombshell that hunter is out for the remainder of the year. he's been placed on injured reserve. and every sunday smith gets closer to history. he's chasing strahan's record of 22 and a half back for the season. six more with games to tie them. i spoke tw the line backers today and asked them about a special tattoo. the word chip inked on his shoulder. >> i've always been the underdog. i never been the guy people knew about. i uls knew the talent and potential that i have. it's something i never let go. and it's there on my shoulders. a constant reminder. >> former raiders head coach
6:53 pm
hugh jackson is very interested in this coaching job. he said the school has not contacted him, but if they did, he would listen. he was the offensive coordinator in 1956. hoops now, he will not return this week after all. he was targeting saturday for his return but his surgically repaired ankle still causes discomfort when he works out. he admitted he rushed to come back to he could be on the floor opening night. >> it's frustrating. people look at you and say r, it's just an ankle. that's the feeling you get. everybody who has been to rehab knows the feeling. you feel like you're letting the team down. you feel like you're letting your fans and organization down. we try to make sure that the primary goal is zbetding my
6:54 pm
ankle right. >> marvin miller, the founder of the mlb players association died tuesday of liver cancer. as the executive director from 1956 to 1983, he negotiated the first collective bargaining agreement. after hearing of miller's death. hall of famer reggie jackson took a four mile walk to clear his thoughts. miller wiz 95. tuesday oakland players proved they have the biggest hearts. they donated over $34,000 to charities of their choice. and broin wilson is set to become a free agent on friday. they do a minimum of $6.8 million if he stays with the team next season. the giants are hinted they won't give him a contract.
6:55 pm
>> and mls coach of the year honors. he has won the award just once before in his ten year coaching career. cheerleader turned soldier. this cheerleader knocked out 49 backflips in a row for the world record on saturday. although she's still waiting for the official recognition from guenness she says she could have done 50 but ran out of room. and raj and jessica, i didn't get to talk to her, but i'm going to speak for her and assume that she's dizzy. >> wow. that was impressive. >> thanks a lot. we're back in a moment. [ crickets chirping ]
6:56 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ]
6:57 pm
[ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:58 pm
we may be done, but brent has more for you at 7:00. >> looking at a new study linking air pollution to autism in children. and a new bay area story about a young man who had to face the decision of autism, but he is so encouraging. he's do so much with his life. it's an amazing story. that and more coming up tonight in just a few minutes. >> have a great evening. thanks for joining us tonight.
6:59 pm
>> now on "extra." shocking new photos of halle's ex beaten and bloodied. who really attacked whom. >> was the fight over $3 million and the new clue in the restraining order? >> were halle and

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